domingo, 10 de abril de 2011

miFotos - iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad/Android application

Are you a photographer? Painter? Visual artist? Want to see your work published in iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Android devices?

If you are interested in putting your art literally in the palm of your audience, please contact us at:

We can develop a custom application, with or without banners, which can be distributed for free or charged for each download made​​.

The application - miFotos - allows everyboby to view all the photos of your work. At the client's discretion, the text may be in English or Portuguese.

There will be 5 different screens:

1. Main screen - Will be used a photo of one of your works with a name that identifies the overall work being shown;
2. Themes screen - 5 thumbnails will be displayed with a name and a brief description. One for each theme. The current version of miFotos application provides only five themes, which allows access to 10 photos each, totaling 50 photos;
3. Screen for each individual photo - The photos of each theme can be displayed in a full-screen viewing, with an option to return to the Themes screen;
4. Artist Screen - this screen will have a brief artist biography and other information such as email, links to social sites, personal Web site and links to other pages of the artist;
5. Information Screen - This screen contains information about the application.

Below are examples of the miFotos application screens :

Main Screen

Themes screen

Screen for each individual photo

Screen for each individual photo with
option to return to the Themes screen

Artist Screen

Info Screen

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